About Us


My name is Larry Sauger. I am a Vietnam Veteran. I served at Camp Martin Cox (Bearcat) with the 9th Signal Battalion, 9th Infantry Division.

I was exposed on a daily basis to the same toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons as you were in Vietnam.I am building this website to provide a “nexus” or connection from these various blood diseases to our exposure in country.It is my mission to provide enough causality for our Congress to amend 38 US Code 3.309 (a) to include these diseases.

If you are a Vietnam Veteran who has been diagnosed with MDS (Myelodisplastic Syndrome)or any other type of Blood Disease let’s talk. Maybe we can work together to make things better for all Vietnam Vets.

Below are photos showing some of the sources to the Benzene / Diesel exposure.

Latrine Duty was performed 2 – 3 times per week and we used either Kerosene or Diesel Fuel that was poured into the containers and lit.

We had to keep an eye on the burning containers to prevent any fire from spreading. 

Guard Duty was regularly performed with the Artillery setting up behind the bunker and firing over our position. The smoke and muzzle gas permeated the bunker.

And then came AO (Agent Orange) and its relatives…Agent Blue, Agent White, and other pesticides used to feed the mosquitoes…….


Guard Duty (1967)

Latrine Duty (Shit Burning Detail)

Artillery Fire (ever wonder what was that smell?)