This site is for any Veterans who have been diagnosed with MDS, Myelodisplastic Syndrome, or any of the other blood diseases that can manifest themselves years after exposure to Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Agent White, and a host of other chemicals and pesticides  that were prevalent in Vietnam.

Your Information Source
As we become aware of information about these diseases, it will be posted here. It is hoped that this collection of information will assist Vietnam Veterans to network, and cope with the effects of the illness, as well as help in any dealings with the Veterans Administration bureaucracy.

Chem Section Fights War with Jungle
(BEARCAT) – Vietnam’s dense jungles and tangled undergrowth are a sniper’s best friend. But this is one friend the Viet Cong won’t have in the area immediately surround- ing Bearcat thanks to the work of defoliation teams from the 9th Division’s Chem- ical section. More…

VA Information
As you can see, we are just beginning this journey and there’s not much information from the VA. If you have  any information that you want to share with other Veterans about your case, please contact us so we can publish it in our newsletter.